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About this App

iSummer Learn is a cloud based Learning Management System for teaching
and assessing students or employees online.

With a flexible user portal and customization tools, convenient content management and great scalability, Spring Learn is good for both corporate training and college education. The system automatically tracks learners’ activity and provides a complete set of reports. Plus, 99.99% uptime with a distributed data storage service ensure the security of users’ content. Today, more than 160,000 people worldwide study with iSpring Learn.

Mobile Learning: Users of iSpring Learn can study anytime and anywhere both online and offline, as the LMS provides them with an adaptive portal and a free mobile app.

Cost-efficiency: Flexible subscription plans suit organizations of any size. All the plans imply payment for active users only.

Detailed reports: Though e-Learning happens in a virtual classroom, its results are real. A wide range of detailed reports allow users to trace the connection between online training and tangible outcomes.

Intuitive design: All materials uploaded to the LMS are systematized in a convenient content library. Users can edit course items, assign them to students, and set permissions all in one window.

Unlimited storage space: Users can upload as much content as they want. iSpring Learn provides users with unlimited storage space so that all course materials can be assigned and tracked.

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Fusce ullamcorper neque eu porttitor porttitor. Donec ut leo eu risus imperdiet convallis. Morbi turpis nisl, porttitor sed mauris at, mattis malesuada metus. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra
Easy to use
  • Awesome Price
  • Best featured functions on market
  • App is very easy to use
  • Design in unique and very user friendly
  • Support is slow sometimes
  • No video in docs

Specification: iSummer Learn LMS


Large enterprises


On Premise, Open API


Android, IOS


CRM integration, Data import/export, Gamification, Open API


Free, Monthly payment

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